Blessings of the Animals and Pastor Appreciation Sunday
October 8, 2017
On this Sunday, we held the Celebration of the Festival of St. Francis with the scripture readings read by Sir Chief on Genesis 1:20-31; sermon “What I learned from my Dog” by Pastor Norm; and the Blessings of the Animals of all types, including 200 ladybugs, via in attendance or by phone photos or by framed picture and the pet’s human receiving Certificates of the Blessing.   Our Staff Parish Chair, Betty Y read an appreciation note from congregation, but written by Doris K for Pastor Norm and we all celebrated with a bright delicious cake.
December SonShine Food Pantry Give Away.  A busy day with many old and new faces receiving frozen goods, can goods, breads, desserts, cereal, drinks, eggs, dairy items, fresh produce and fruit, Christmas candy and goodies and hygiene items.  Every Second Thursday of the month is the food closet and every Fourth Thursday is the bread give away.  Pictures below show our volunteers and those we serve.  See you next year.

Framing of the New Ramp

Installation of Handrails

Our New Stairs and Handicap Ramp to the New Back Fellowship Door

Our New Ramp and Steps to our New Fellowship Parking Lot Door

First Sunday of Lent

Bible Story from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10