Introducing LORD'S LAMBS

A Monthly Gathering of children and their families

Children's Ministry 2022

At Galt UMC we want our children to feel as welcome as our adults.  While we ready our Sunday School classroom for weekly classes starting sometime in 2023, we are having fun events each month so “kids” (get it cuz they’re LAMBS) and their families can get to know each other better!  During Worship at 10am, Pastor Mary invites the children forward for a Children’s Message and sends them back to Worship with you with coloring sheets to interest them while all ages worship together.

We are blessed to have the talented Madeline Powell as our Galt UMC Children’s Ministry Director.  If you would like to volunteer to be a Shepherd to our Lambs, or to help our Children’s Ministry in any way, please let Madeline know at 209-400-8795.

All adults volunteering with our children from Galt UMC are “Safe Gatherings” certified.  Our goal is to ensure that Galt UMC is a Safe Sanctuary for everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us, including children and youth.


Have your child wear a Halloween costume (non-scary please) to Worship at 10am on October 16.  After Worship there will be a craft activity to decorate a Christian trick or treat bag AND some candy and refreshments too!


On November 13, while the adults enjoy a lunch of “Stone Soup” — more on that in future news! — the LORD’S LAMBS will enjoy a picnic upstairs in their classroom and have a chance to put their own special touch on the space they will have fun in learning about Jesus!


The Lord’s Lambs will have a Christmas Party following Worship on December 11 where they will play with Pastor Mary to play all the parts of the first Christmas!