Meet the new Pastor

Pastor Dave Pettengill is currently serving New Castle United Methodist Church, which is about 30 miles to the east of Sacramento. He moved to the California-Nevada Conference from the Ohio Conference in 2021. 

Pastor Dave is married to his wife, Lindsey, and they have two wonderful children, Aurora, who is 10, and Soren, who is seven years old. Additionally, Dave has adopted a son named Roma, who is 27 years old and currently serving in the U.S. Army stationed in Southern California.

Pastor Dave is a very gifted pastor and a people person. His first love was youth ministries. As an Ordained Elder, he now embraces his gifts of teaching and preaching the Gospels. In his autobiography, Pastor Dave writes, 

“On the A.P.E.S.T. test (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher), I rated highest as an “Apostolic Teacher.” This means I am thriving in communicating the need to pioneer new endeavors and taking time to explain so others understand the dynamics of our mission. Having a high Apostle strength means I have a strong urgency in taking the faith outward, crossing boundaries of understanding as we reach out to others. My second strength of being a teacher means I am an effective communicator of truth and help others gain a deeper understanding. I enjoy taking complex ideas and making them simpler for others. I have a strong desire for people to understand the teachings and wisdom of God.” 

Pastor Dave and Pastor Mary will work with your SPRC and lay leadership for a smooth and effective transition.

On behalf of Bishop Minerva Carcano, I thank you for the great insights and prayers you have offered throughout this process. I anticipate even more outstanding things from your congregation as we journey onward together.

Finally, I ask for your prayers during this important time of transition for Pastor Dave and his family. I trust that you will welcome them warmly. Please also pray for Pastor Mary as she prepares to transition into the superintendency. Please also pray for the vitality of the wonderful faith community that is Galt United Methodist

He is happy to sit with you and hear your questions about God and any struggles in your life. Pastor Dave cares.