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Sunshine Food Pantry

    P.O. Box 1265  Galt, CA 95632

The Need

In 2009, outreach consultants from Galt Elementary School District discovered a need to provide food for low income families in the district. They approached several interested persons.

The Beginning

As a result the Sunshine Food Pantry came into existence. The District provided an unused classroom for a clothes closet and room for dry goods where needy families could come.

The Team

Several churches of the area, including the Galt United Methodist Church, worked together to operate the pantry. Initial food source was from donations brought in my individual people.

Food History

The first months of service helped over 100 families with their food needs.

The numbers of people served showed there was a definite need for the pantry. Soon, needy senior citizens began to appear for food. It was difficult to not turn them away – so they weren’t and the Sunshine Pantry became a true asset to the community. Everyone is welcome, no one is turned away.

With the addition of fresh produce after a year, or so, we could no longer stay at the school. Galt United Methodist Church had the available room and the Pantry was relocated to its present location in June of 2011.

The clientele continued to grow and a source of addition food was needed.  It was discovered that Solano/Contra Costa Food Bank was making weekly shipment runs to Elk Grove.  We were able to receive not only dry goods but fresh produce as well.

After a year, or two, Sacramento Food Bank took over providing our food supplies.   At first, we made biweekly runs to north Sacramento to pick up our orders.   Eventually several other food distributers in Galt made a delivery truck feasible and now we receive almost weekly deliveries to Galt.

In addition to Sacramento Food Bank orders, Galt UMC picks up food donations from Raley’s and Save Mart Super Markets six days a week.  They are a part of a national organization – Feed America – whereby they are given donation credit.

At this time we have free food distribution to all people who come, and our pantry doors are open from 7:30am to 10:00am on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.  We also make food deliveries to 6 senior home facilities, and some of our excess items also go to homeless encampments, and farm worker homes.  Our average count, at this time, is 1500+ families per month.

Food Future

Because of the pandemic and its impact on the working poor, many of whom lost their jobs and have yet to recover the lost income, Galt UMC is pursuing the possibility of building a freestanding Sunshine Food Pantry & Resource Center, Inc. in the lot adjacent to our parking lot. We are seeking funding for this through the sale of our vacant lots to provide affordable housing for senior citizens and veterans, as well as American Rescue Plan Act monies, and individual donations. By involving yourself in Galt UMC and the work of the Sunshine Food Pantry, you are getting in on the ground floor of a very exciting project that will further improve our wonderful community.

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