Pastor Mary Maaga

Rev. Dr. Mary Maaga is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church with a PhD with distinction in Religion and Society. Her various ministry and teaching experiences add flavor and energy to her preaching and teaching. Her work in making disciples of Jesus Christ is informed by her anthropology training in Africa, her two years of teaching in Scotland, as well as her marriage to Boikanyo Maaga, a Methodist minister from South Africa. When her husband Boikanyo died from cancer in 2003 she dedicated her life to raising her children John Desmond Tutu Maaga and Zola Mary Magdalene Maaga, as well as working with incarcerated people, the homeless, and those struggling with addiction and mental illness. Pastor Mary is delighted to be back in the local Church and serving the people of Galt.

Mercedes Diego, Administrative Assistant

Mercedes Diego is from Lodi, California, and she enjoys helping others and making them feel welcome and comfortable. She is 22 years old, and has been attending Galt UMC for eight years. She began by attending with her father and step-mother, but after they moved she continued to attend with her sister Mariah. She writes, "This Church has played an extremely significant role in shaping who I have become and has watched me transition from adolescence to adulthood. I am so grateful and filled with joy to be able to give my time to people that have become my family and to a place that has become a second home to me."

Sabrina Curlee, Worship Visual Tech

Sabrina Curlee makes sure everything runs smoothly during in person worship. She loves her job and the people who come to worship at Galt UMC. She is part of a family that attends Galt UMC that includes her grandmother, aunt, uncle, mom, and sister. Sabrina likes anything and everything Disney, plus horror movies, drawing, and singing musical theatre. She was recently baptized!

Lynn Hieb, Director of Music

Lynn Hieb brings tons of musical talent to his worship leadership. An accomplished acoustic as well as classical guitar player, he also sings and leads congressional singing.

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